Tapewise Editions

Three Different Editions

No matter which product you buy, you get the same TW core base across all versions, to ensure you have the best media testing/checking technology in the marketplace.. This core is always being improved, and we continue to develop and support new tape technologies as they are announced by manufacturers.

Gold edition

Premier package that unlocks all of the functionality and limits of Tapewise. This product is aimed at data centres who want everything, and also to support engineers in the field. The Gold Edition also adds the facility of stacking “tasks” onto a drive, supports for 4 HBA cards, libraries with up to 700 slots and control of up to 18 devices simultaneously.

Silver edition

Our middle range product, giving you access to far more features and function of the Tapewise application. As such you have full access to the TEM graphing capabilities and the database and it’s reporting capabilities. Further , the Silver Edition introduces library support for up to 99 slots, 2 HBA’s and 9 devices concurrently. This product is aimed at medium to large data centres who need more automation.

Bronze edition

This is our entry level product, and includes the basic task of Read and Write Evaluation, and also the copy in case there is a problem! This edition restricts access to some of the TEM technology and database, but it can be upgraded at a later date if needed. It will support one HBA and up to 3 devices concurrently with libraries/autoloaders with up to 19 slots. This product is aimed at the small to medium work place, where there is a limited number of drives available, and would like to monitor/test the quality of their tapes.