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Website hosting backed by our promise to care for your data, share space on our dedicated server boasting 64GB ram, Raid 1 disk with 1TB of space, offsite backups, quad core i7-6700 hosted at the Hetzner Online in the heart of Europe.

cPanel is the most widely used and easiest control panel, that is why all our hosting plans come with cPanel for account management. With cPanel you can manage your website files, folders, and databases, create email accounts, manage domains and subdomains and a lot more. To make cPanel even more friendly, we have the latest paper skin and organized the tools in a friendly way. Our server also has it’s own nameserver so once you point your DNS at our nameserver you can create subdomains without having to worry about making DNS changes elsewhere.

Our proposition

Simply, this is our server and we run all our websites on it, so if our server goes down our sites go down as well! By hosting with us you know that if we have any server problems that it’s in our best interest to get things sorted as soon as possible!

Several sites that we run are:

Pricing starts at just £50+VAT per year!

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