E-mail Remind

E-Mail Remind has been retired after a proud 20 years of service

One little reminder at a time

We are all busy and all have the best of intentions, but E-Mail Remind is here just as a backup for those times life gets a bit hectic!

Established in 2001!

I’ve never been that good at remembering birthdays, and now with a wife and family I find it even harder. A couple of days before my wife’s birthday (I hadn’t forgotten this one!) a friend called and asked if I wanted to play snooker on that day. Of course the answer had to be no and I explained why, before I had even finished speaking he had interrupted me and said “of course, I’d forgotten, but it’s on one of my organisers somewhere”. Although I didn’t really think about that too much my brain suddenly said “hmmm – if only you could be reminded of events by e-mail., that would be cool” (thanks brain!) and the idea was born.

What we offer

A quality service, primarily for the UK but anyone can setup reminders if they want, after all this is the world wide web and as soon as we have the time we will start adding in customised information for everyone else, but we have to start somewhere. It only takes minutes to setup a new account with us and get your life organised, so why not do it now? what have you got to lose – NOTHING!