Batch Sizer

The easy to use photo resizing software with batch processing

Batch Sizer is a shareware application that was born out of the functionality I built into Image Sizer. I had a lot of request to do the same thing as image sizer, but in a batch mode (lots at the same time). This is also something else I have had to do in the past that I tended to have to do manually (100 wedding photos with rotation etc.) so again I wrote something to suit my needs! Features include a trimmer, borders, rotation, ftp uploading, zip file creating, watermarking etc. Handy for also making thumbnails from your images, simply select them, set the max output sizes and process!

What does it do?

You know the situation, you’ve just got back from a wedding or birthday etc. and have taken 100 odd pictures and you know that distant relatives want to see them as soon as possible. It’s up to you to sort through them, rotate some, get rid of some, resize them, then upload them to a website etc. This is where Batch Sizer comes in, as it makes the process easy and fast! Simply load a folder (or multiple folders) of images into Batch Sizer, visually adjust any images by right clicking on them and selection actions, then process them all using your own choices, e.g. New output files, upload to a server, create a zip file. You can even add watermarks to the processed photos, and borders! Give it a try, I promise you will not be disappointed.. and if you are, well send me an email and I’ll see what I can do to improve it, a product never gets better without feedback! If you only want to do the odd image, or want more control, check out Image Sizer with it’s easy to use WYSIWYG interface.