Tapewise Edition Comparisons

At a glance edition comparison

Our different editions allows our customers to choose what is right for them. From the number of concurrent devices supported through to specific features of the software.

High speed multi-tasking engineYesYesYes
Logs and results for all tasksYesYesYes
TEM technologyPartYesYes
Tape alert (On supporting drives)YesYesYes
Internal engine (No tape drivers required)YesYesYes
Threshold error level setting per media typeYesYesYes
Performance monitoring of devices and HBA’sYesYesYes
Cartridge chip dump (On supported media)YesYesYes
Multiple users with individual optionsYesYesYes
One year free support/updatesYesYesYes
Read evaluation test (non destructive)YesYesYes
Write evaluation test (destructive)YesYesYes
Erase mediaYesYesYes
Label / InitialiseNoYesYes
Validate media (Check labels)NoYesYes
Support for multiple languagesYesYesYes
Add filemarks (Correct badly terminated media)NoYesYes
Dump / View media on screenYesYesYes
Copy media (any to any)YesYesYes
Copy media fixed block length (any to any)YesYesYes
Compare media (block for block)NoYesYes
Duplication (one ot many)NoNoYes
Stack / Span (Concatination)NoNoYes
Label designer and print facility (Based on task results)YesYesYes
Library control screen (Move media)YesYesYes
Drive control funcitonsYesYesYes
Database viewingNoYesYes
Database reportingNoYesYes
Database graphingNoYesYes
Database managment reports (Report on work done)NoYesYes
Software based VOL ID protectionNoNoYes
Queue tasksNoNoYes
Library support slots (Up to X)1999700
Drive support (Up to X)3918
ACSLS supportNoNoOpt
ACSLS quarantineNoNoOpt