HBA 64kb Aid

Easy edit of the MaximumSGList parameter

HBA (Host Bus Adapter) 64KB Aid ver 1.0.5 is a simply utility that allows easy modification of the MaximumSGList in the Windows registry, allowing you to do data transfers over the standard 64KB size. This application was written as a compliment utility for Tapewise, our Tape testing application.


HBA 64KB Aid is a very simple application that allows you to make minor modifications to the Windows registry. You are shown a list of detected HBA’s services (which includes SCSI/Fibre cards etc.) that are in the SCSI group along with the current maximum setting, and a list of devices that the service controls (Via expansion).

The additional options now available are :-

  • New MaximumSGList value : Shows you the current value it is set to, and allows you to enter a new value (The actual size in KB is shown next to it). Please note that this option is only available to you if “Not set” is not checked.
  • Not set : By checking this value, you are indicating that you want to delete any setting and use the Windows default.
  • Save : Saves (or deleted if “Not set” is checked) the modifications to the registry. You are warned before any action takes place. NOTE: Settings do not take effect until you reboot the system.
  • Cancel : Resets the settings to the current ones.


  • I have seen notes that on Windows 2003 Server, the maximum transfer rate is (Value-3)*4096 instead of (Value-1)*4096. I have been as of yet unable to confirm this, so any feedback on that is welcome.
  • HBA 64KB Aid was written for our own use to ensure that Tapewise could do block transfer sizes of over 64KB
  • The maximum value you can set is 255 which is increased by windows to allow 1MB transfers.
  • The lowest value you can set is 17, which is the lowest/system default.
  • Vista 64-bit support is not yet verified.