DPT manual

DPT ebookIt’s all very well saying check your screen, but do you really know what your looking for? What’s the difference between a Dead pixel, a Stuck pixel or a Hot pixel? Should you connect with DVI, VGA?
Well having had over 1million direct downloads of DPT we decided it was time to produce a proper manual!
This manual is over 20 pages and covers:-

  • Introduction
  • LCD screens
  • Dead pixels?
  • Manufacturers Dead pixel policy
  • Spotting defective pixels
  • Before you start with DPT
  • Starting DPT
  • DPT main screen
  • Help/Info screen
  • Colour selector screen
  • Exerciser – Fixing defective pixels
  • Checking for dead pixels
  • Using patterns to check for dead pixels
  • Your results

So if your not sure what you are looking for, how to look for it, or just curious, why not buy our instant download, PDF eBook at the seriously low price of only £1.99! This is an introductory offer that can’t stay around for ever!

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Screenshot of manual
Brief overview of the manual, worth a LOT more!

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