Matthew Augier

Matthew Augier

Tech lead

A full stack web developer (and windows desktop, hybrid mobile apps), with a passion for providing excellent well tested solutions, and a strong sense of leadership with personal and organisational values. I have over 20 years varied experience in the IT industry, love a challenge and always trying to learn about new technologies. I am always proud of everything I do, and hate taking shortcuts to meet deadlines, but I also know how business works,

I love to be creative, innovative whilst being proactive in everything that I do, and ensuring that I part my knowledge and teach those around me… whilst at the same time still learning from them :)

My core skills have always been back-end development, however I have been extending my front end skills and improving my javascript abilities.

I love creating things, having made such things as a Star Wars Light Sabre (Didn’t hurt anyone!) and currently building a PixelBox using a Rasperberry Pi. Playing with electronics and toys give me a buzz, and I current run charity lights to music on my house at Christmas for charity ( .I like to stay fit by running when I can, as I always say, fit body, fit mind.