Please note all plugins require the base product (core) and cannot be used without it

Security Erase

£150 - If you need to make sure tape data is wiped, the security ease plugin offers several methods to allow this.

Health Check

£250 - If you are having problems with tape media or want to check if your tape media quality is at an acceptable level, then this plugin will meet your needs. By performing a read or write test on the tape, its errors are mapped allowing you to see if the

Library control

£250 - Tools'4'Tape in its base form works with Tape drives which for most users allows them to do what they need to do. However if you do have a library then this plugin will allow you to control the library and automate tasks.

Tape dump

£375 - If you have lost data from a tape, or want to dump a tape to disk, the Tape dump plugin will do this for you. You can select to either create a single file dump, or multi-file based on the tapes filemarks.


A selection of basic tools that allow you to perform basic tasks with your tape drive or media. valued at £75 but currently given FREE!

Tools-4-Tape is a modular application and as such pricing is based on a fixed cost for the core (£100) with the additional plugins added as required. Note that T4T is locked to a PC via a security code, if you require more flexibility then Tapewise comes with a Dongle that allows it to be installed on mulitple PC's and moved around.

Example pricing

  • Base + Security erase = £100 + £150 = £250 + taxes as applicable
  • Base + Library automation + Security erase = £ 100 + £250 + £150 = £500 + taxes as applicable

Note purchased can be made via Bank transfer or Paypal.