LCDC comes with a bunch of plugins with it, however there are also additional 1st and third party plugins you can download from here including the ones that came with it, in one easy to download zip file.


TFRTransferer plugin1.0022 Jan 2004
FAHFolding@Home1.004 May 2004
FRAFraps 1.9C1.023 Jan 2003
IPAIP Address (Uses external sources)1.326 Sep 2003
RSSRich Site Summary feed processor1.59 Jan 2007
MM5Motherboard monitor 51.5c29 Sep 2002
MULMultimedia extensions1.420 Oct 2006
STISeti@Home1.220 Nov 2002
HOTHotkeys1.28 Aug 2003
SPFSpeedfan 41.0May 2004
SQTStock Quote Ticker1.3a25 Jan 2005
TIMTimer and Alarms1.0520 Sep 2006
HISHistorical data graphing1.03a18 APr 2006
UDSUnited Devices Stats1.0322 Oct 2003
WA2Winamp 2 (Includes winamp plugin)1.72 Jun 2004
WA3Winamp 3 (Includes winamp plugin)1.0116 Jun 2003
WEAWeather information1.26 Feb 2003
ZOOZoom Player1.1a23 Jan 2008
TSKTeamspeak 21.0015 Jul 2004
HSMHardware System Monitor (hMonitor)1.06 Nov 2006
TWCThe Weather Channel1.01

Beta plugins

TRITrillian pro0.82betaMar 2003
ANIAnimation (Blinken lights style) player and designer0.95beta3 Mar 2003
IRRInfrared remote0.81beta21 Aug 2002
BSPBSplayer0.95beta31 May 2003
LPTPrinter Port data line control0.8beta21 Aug 2002
WMPWindows Media Player0.62beta5 Aug 2003
MSGAccept TCP data and WM CopyDATA0.5beta29 Mar 2005
FOOFooBar2000 Plugin (Requires AMIP)0.5beta10 Feb 2006
EVEEverest Ulitmate0.99beta30 Jan 2009

Download all plugins

This zip file contains all the files required for the above listed plugins