New website - Thrive Massage Therapy - Basingstoke

We are please to help a friend out with their website and hosting for a new business venture ‘Thrive Massage Therapy

Why choose Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy causes many effects in the body. Just a few include; a decrease in breathing rate, blood pressure and heart rate and an increase in blood flow, circulation and production of endorphins (the body’s feel good chemicals). This makes it ideal for improving a wide variety of conditions, relieving muscle tension, pains and headaches, reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression and aiding muscle recovery after exercise. You may be looking for massage therapy to help with an existing condition, or simply looking for time to unwind and enjoy quality ‘me time’. Either way, massage therapy has the great advantage in that it has both physical and relaxation benefits, so indulging in a treatment is a perfect way to invest in yourself, feel physically well and reduce stress.

With a range of treatments, I can’t wait for my first massage - checkout the website here!

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