New website

It’s been way too long in the making, but as with all things anything you try and get done for yourself always has the lowest priority! The new site is not 100% complete, and we are trying to transition over as fast as we can, so probably 2020 by the time it’s finished (Is anything ever truly finished?) As with any new site while we have tried to test as much as we can, with the sheer number of devices, resolutions, aspect ratios, and pixel densities, it’s impossible to fully test a website, but PLEASE contact us if you spot anything odd!

Our new website is based on Expression Engine which is our favourite CMS (Content Management Software) at present, built using a mixture of channels and templates giving us great flexibility. If you would like a demo of Expression Engine please get in touch and we can guide you through the functionalities of this CMS and how we like to build things.

One thing you may notice is our homepage banner, where we have decided against the bog standard “Hero” area where there is rotating banners and text, and just gone for something more fun. We may well adapt this but it’s just us having a bit of fun with the HTML canvas element showing that even that can be responsive :)

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